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Yes, we are still here, and I'd love to get going with the community again. Birth stories and news articles are always welcomed and encouraged. Feel free to introduce yourself! :)

So, I'm here to tell you of an incident I had last night. My husband made friends with a couple with two kids. We were all sitting in the living room and my husband was playing guitar. My son (who is 16 months today) needed to nurse, and so I began nursing him. We cleared the room, and one of the women (the couple had a friend over) said very audibly, but not directly to me, "Oh, he's still nursing?" (You nursing moms know the tone.)

Then later on at dinner, the neighbor was admiring Daschel and my husband says, "Yes, we had him at home." She then says to me, "On purpose? Weren't you afraid?" Then she proceeds to tell a story about her good friend the anesthesiologist for a maternity ward. *insert eye roll here* I don't know something about drugs and twins and how one of the twins was lost because there was only enough medicine for one twin. (I totally didn't get what her point was.)

Anyway, in the car, I tell my husband, "I am very happy that you are immensely proud of our decision to have Daschel at home, but when people make comments like that about breastfeeding an "older child", they usually aren't going to like homebirth stories. You either have to resign yourself to saying nothing and nodding politely or putting yourself up for an all night fight."

It took so long for my husband to appreciate my decision, and I'm thrilled that he did. We were extremely afraid of having a c-section as Daschel was transverse (side-lying) until about 38 weeks. We sought out an acupunturist to administer moxibustion which I believe was at least a contributing factor to him turning. When it was over, people were amazed that I lived through it, like an amazing magical trick where the woman gets sawed in half.

The thing of birth is, there is no trick at all. This is just the way it's meant to be in most cases. :)
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