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I'm a nebie!

Greetings to all!

I am new to this community and I wanted to introduce myself. I am 26, married and a teacher. My husband and I are planning to start our family in the next year or I am doing as much research as humanly possible until then. :)
I am determined NOT to have my baby in a hospital barring a serious emergency, and I am reseraching a home birth. So far, hubby is on board with everthing that I want as long as it's "safe". I assured him, that based on the statistics I've read, it's safer to have your baby almost anywhere BUT a hospital. I'll settle for a birthing center...but I feel very comfortable with the idea of only a certified midwife and my loved one's present.
I work with children and have allowed myself to get completely engulfed by the modern mother's world. I want to do as much leg work as possible before I am stressed with actually being pregnant!
I live in New York (Long Island) for the time being, so I'm open to any info anyone might have that could help me in my quest.
I'm looking forward to reading and sharing with you all!
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