calienteyfria (calienteyfria) wrote in birthbabeoption,

Yep, this is why this community is here.

I have never quite figured out why it's OK to have snide remarks about people giving birth at home and how many children and moms die there (you know, of the people you talk to who can only recall bad things happening), but people NEVER, EVER say it's dangerous to give birth in a hospital even if they've known of fatalities or birth injuries happening there.

The doctor I delivered with is no longer doing homebirths. As much as I'd love to do another one, (if I do another one), I don't know how easy it would be to convince my husband to go with a midwife or some other alternative. Honestly, I'm hoping for a 30 minute labor that ends in me having the kid in the bathroom or something.

I really hate hospitals.
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